An initiative to promote coding literacy among school students and help them understand the technology apart from what the current school syllabus provides, thereby equipping them to be technically bright citizens of tomorrow.


KuttyCoders is an initiative to promote coding literacy among school students and help them understand the technology, thereby equipping them to be technically bright citizens of tomorrow. Our core philosophy is to use the power of self-learning and peer mentoring within communities to achieve this outcome. We are currently based out of Kerala, India.

Founded by working professionals and active members of various tech communities, KuttyCoders aims to nurture a technical mindset and to prepare school students to face real-life challenges and to implement a peer to peer learning network by bridging the gap between teachers and students. The first chapter of KuttyCoders was hosted in AISAT, Kalamassery. The 7-day event covering 21st-century technological skills - Web Development, App Development, Python, and Actions on Google marked the participation of 10 students spanning the age of 10 to 17. From the overwhelming feedback received from the students and parents of participated students, KuttyCoders took off.

In a short span of 12 months, We at KuttyCoders conducted 6 community events spanning 4 countries connecting 5000 students worldwide. Kids got great technology exposure and developed skills in multiple technologies in a short period, we are looking to scale up this program so that kids in the entire state of Kerala can be benefited.

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Our Inspiration

Saarang Sumesh at the age of 7 become the youngest MIT Fab Academy Graduate in the world. Yan Chummar made Deep Learning as a service at the age of 15, it was the product of the day in Product Hunt. Jaiden John Bose at the age of 14 is researching with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is the dean of School of AI in Kerala. From ThoppumPady - Kochi, Kottayam & Wayanad. Different parts of Kerala, Started learning, and exploring tech a bit early in their lives. Self-learned and had done amazing things already. It’s not that they have the highest IQ in the state nor they are born extraordinary, But they worked harder, they did an extra step to explore what made them curious, at times their parents took extra efforts. But seeing them in a couple of years, they became inspirational figures.









Success Stories

KuttyCoders Story - Anirudh Manoj, Grade 7

Meet Anirudh Manoj, a 7th standard student who loves to code. Recently, he participated in his first hackathon and he is thrilled beyond words from his experience of it. His mother, Chandra Vadhana is the Founder and CEO of 4tune factory and Prayaana labs. She believes such events are pivotal in identifying one's interest in tech and to nurture it. She feels such events help students in gaining confidence and in becoming team players. It helps them to ideate better and solve problems. Watch the full video as they describe their experience with KuttyCoders at Hack.



Vineeth Nair

Project Lead

Vishnu Ko

Design Lead

Mohamed Faraz

Operation Lead

Shahin Abdulla

CEO, Founder at Cynbus

Avinash S Kurup

Data Analyst, 10XDS

Technical Team


Samyuktha G

Lead, Content Writing

IP Raghesh Kumar

Lead, Content Writing

Our Mentors


Mehar MP

CEO, Founder at TinkerHub

Ashfaque Ahammed

COO, TinkerHub

Gopikrishnan Sasikumar

ML Engineer, FullContact

Samir Dayal Singh

CEO, Founder at Humble Shit