“There are various diamonds that have been born in this world, who have changed the map of this whole world.
Because they were able to see the world from a different angle” Supported by Mozilla Kerala , 20+ Tinkerhub community members across Kerala to bring you an out of the box, out of syllabus, immersive programme, Kuttycoders .
Kuttycoders is a 7 day bootcamp for school students to get the basics of coding. coding is a basic literacy
in the degital age and it is important for kids to understand and be
able to work and understand the technology around them .


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Why They code at young ?

Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future Coding helps children with communication , creativity , math , writing and confidence

Our Workshops

No Matter where you stand you get the very basics here
Other than this there will two more days as Ice Breaking and Conclusion

Web Development

2 Days

App Development

2 Days

Internet Money Making and other Opportunities 1 Day

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Registration Fee : Rs 750

Meet Our Speakers

Vishnu Ko

Web Developer
Student @ RIT

Shahin Abdulla

Founder @ Cynbus

Avinash S Kurup

Data Analyst @ 10XDS Kochi

Contact Us

Vineeth : ( 8848798935 )
Vishnu Ko : ( 8157065684 )